Consign FAQ

The New Way to Buy. Sell.

Our staff will determine which items are suitable for consignment and make recommendations on mutually agreeable price points. Once an item has been approved, it is time to schedule delivery and complete a contract.

We specialize in gently used quality Appliances, They must be in sellable and working condition.

I am sorry, but we don't. Everything is on consignment.

As your partner in this process we will work with you to determine what your needs are combined with our knowledge, expertise and market experience in order to get you the best price in the fastest time possible. The original cost, overall condition, construction, age, patina, repairs and market demand will be considered in setting the price.

All merchandise consigned under this agreement must be left at the store until at least the 46th day or will be subject to a ($10) ten dollar per day storage fee.

Items that are consigned with us are considered consigned until they either sell or you or Consign Appliance decied to terminate the consigning process period. Once an item sells; the distribution is 50/50 of the selling price. During the first 30 days the price is set and no discounting will be done. After 30 days, prices on any unsold items will be reduced by 10%. After 60 days, the price will be reduced by an additional 10 - 15%. This process repeats itself every 30 days until your item(s) are sold. Consign Appliance runs promotion and/or sales events when needed and you agree to allow Consign Appliance to include your item(s) over 30 days old to be included in any such event.

You may call during operational hours and we will gladly review your account with you.

Payment will be made during the week of the 20th of the month for items sold the previous month.